Virtual Art Space

New Art City is artist-run virtual infrastructure 100% supported by our community.

While we are building software tools, we do not operate as a typical technology startup. We are an art gallery which serves artists first, and we are supported by individuals and organizations through partnerships, subscriptions and donations.

Your support funds programs like our artist residency and accessibility initiatives, and allows us to continue to serve the artists in our community.

You can help support New Art City.

Donate Directly

The best way to support if you don't need toolkit access.

If you love what we do and want to support our programming, you can donate to keep these programs running. Your donation will fund accessibility programs, resident artists, and artist commissions.

Form a Partnership

We've worked with institutions all over the world to bring virtual ideas to life.

We specialize in creating holistic solutions for showing art in virtual space, helping institutions think about how to build, while also helping them build it. Each time we work with an institution, we also build collective knowledge which informs our approach in the future and ultimately benefits all users.

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Subscribe to the Toolkit

Support us by paying for our virtual space toolkit.

Individual artists can support us by subscribing to our toolkit monthly. Artist subscribers get access to more space, higher file size limits, live streaming features, and other professional tools.